Sally Moon Lee

( she / her )

Sally Moon is a Buddhist-Inspired, Queer,

Femme, Adoptee of color, & Artisan of Painted Wool.

As a certified Meditation Coach & Tapping Practitioner, her approach is sci-based, intuitive, and heart-centered. A significant part of her services is supporting people through the diversity of loss (bereavement, family estrangement, ancestral healing for adoptees) And for folks who feel stressed out & struggle with meditation.

Through the lens of someone diagnosed with depression, ADHD,

& who can’t sit like a pretzel, Sally Moon gets that meditation isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ technique!

She will help customize a meditation practice for her clients so they can access more resilience and inner peace ~ no matter what life throws their way.

Sally Moon’s professional experience includes volunteering for clients recovering from addiction, cancer patients, & hospice care.

She served as DEI Chair at the workplace, teaching meditation

workshops for essential workers.

In her free time, She enjoys playing the ukulele, crafting with wool, & spending time with her kitty.

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